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Aug 22 2013

Report: Gold looks like 1976

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Key Takeaways

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Economic Conditions Comparison

March 1976 2.50% 6.30% +311.00k
July 2013 1.80% 1.10% +162.00k
Top 5 Matches
10/31/1975 - 03/24/1976
11/20/1987 - 04/18/1988
07/07/1988 - 11/25/1988
06/30/1993 - 11/16/1993
02/18/2008 - 07/04/2008

From the Archives

Market Place; Tarnished Times for 'Gold Bugs'

A note of asperity has begun to creep into the stock market commentary of the "gold bugs," those tough-minded, often conservative analysts who revere the precious metal as the last line of defense against "debauched" currencies and the ravages of inflation.
Published: 03/26/1976 The New York Times

People and Business; Reynolds Metals Names Chief

David P. Reynolds yesterday was elected chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the Reynolds Metals Company, one of the nation's largest aluminum producers. In his new post, he succeeds his brother, Richard S. Reynolds Jr., who headed the company for more than 28 years.
Published: 03/26/1976 The New York Times